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Waterless traps

Wavin offers a comprehensive range of siphons, traps and connectors for sinks, showers, baths and WCs. Our products are durable and easy to fit. Our range even includes waterless siphons which are not prone to failure caused by evaporation.

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The unique HepvO waterless trap from Wavin won’t lose its seal due to siphonage, evaporation, leaking or movement. And, because there’s no water, HepvO won’t gurgle. The elastomeric membrane is fixed inside a rigid body, preventing the seal from becoming dislodged. HepvO stops foul air from entering the building but admits air into the pipe system, making it suitable for branch pipe ventilation. HepvO can be installed vertically or horizontally, delivering exceptional performance where conventional traps could leave you high and dry.

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