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Flow control vortex valves

Wavin has partnered with Mosbaek A/S to develop a new range of specialist vortex flow control valves. Each valve is bespoke in its design and manufacture thus, enabling the valve to meet precise performance criteria resulting in the optimum control of stormwater discharge rates up to 80 litres/second.

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Engineer Joergen Mosbaek Johannessen was the first to harness the vortex principle as a water break, a concept that has made his valves world-leading. Based on 50 years of expertise and by means of specially developed software packages, all Wavin + Mosbaek valves are designed to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design

Each Wavin + Mosbaek valve is individually designed to deliver optimum performance. The valves are produced from corrosion resistant stainless steel and are self-activating with no moving parts or power requirements. Typical applications for vortex vales are; Modular Attenuation Tanks (e.g. AquaCell), Traditional Attenuation Tanks, Infiltration and/or Soakaway Structures and discharge points from Pounds and/or Wetlands.

Tornado Vortex Flow Control Valve


The Wavin + Mosbaek range offers three different types of integral by-pass and drain-down facilities allowing access for cleaning. Beginning with The Tornado range of Vortex Valves, this offers an emergency drain-down facility by means of an integral, pivoting door mounted on the front face of the unit. The bypass door when open exposes a larger aperture which allows the chamber to be drained.



The Typhoon range provides the security of an overflow and emergency drain down facility in one. This facility is activated by simply pulling the up-stand pipe clear of seating, from the surface.

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