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Manifolds and controls Hep2O

Hep2O Underfloor heating systems can provide you with a comfortable and easily controlled indoor climate. We can also help you save money on heating by providing sustainable heating solutions, tailored to your needs. We have systems for all floor types and budgets.

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Underfloor heating manifold installation


Composite Manifold

The unique Hep2O manifold is designed to enable any manifold system to be configured, from simple flexible modules, to suit the size of the installation. Accommodating up to 12 ports, it allows future retrofitting of additional circuits.

UFH Standard Controls

Standard controls

Standard controls are suitable for the control of single or multi-zone underfloor heating systems. They can be used with your choice of wired or wireless thermostats. Our thermostats offer complete temperature control and are fully programmable with a range of energy saving features.

UFH Networked Controls

Networked controls

If you wish to control all your thermostats from a central location we offer networked systems with options to control remotely from your PC or by SMS. These can also be used to control radiators and/or a hot water cylinder via single control system.

Web enabled controls

Web enabled controls

With the addition of the Wavin neoHub to the control system, up to 32 neoStats can be linked to smart devices by downloading the Wavin neoApp from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store or Windows Phone Store. If desired, multiple neoHubs, located in multiple properties, can all be controlled via a single account.

What’s next?

We offer complete support for any project. For full project support including detailed drawings, send your plans to our technical design team or contact our dedicated team on 01 8020219.

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