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Inspection chambers for shallow installations

Wavin offers an innovative suite of shallow inspection chambers from 315 Access Junctions up to 600mm Inspection Chambers, designed in accordance with BS EN 13598 – 1 and BS EN 7158 for shallow installations and ground water pressure. The chambers can be installed to a maximum depth of 1.2 meters, depending on the chamber.

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Osma shallow inspection chambers



Multi-base inspection chamber

Wavin 315 and 450mm chambers comply with BS EN 1398-1:2010.

Shallow inspection chamber

Flow Configuration

Chambers are available in up to ten base configurations and support both straight-through and 45 collection flow configurations for 110/160 mm plastic pipes.

Universal inspection chamber

Flexible shaft lengths

The 315mm and 450mm have ribbed shafts with a push-fit shaft system. All can be easily cut to size.

Chamber covers

Top solutions

Wavin offers a range of top solutions and restriction caps, including A15 class plastic covers.

What’s next?

What’s next?

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