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Continuous Professional Development

Our job is to keep you up to date with the latest industry changes and product innovations, within the comfort of your office.
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There are a number of separate CPD seminars available, as described below, each lasting approximately one hour. Wavin staff are also happy to remain behind after the CPD to discuss any projects you may currently be working on.

Our range of CPD seminars

Drainage Systems Below Ground
BCAR / Part H Building Regulations 2010 / Irish Water

This seminar is RIAI CPD Approved

This presentation covers the detail of Part H of the Building Regulations 2010 for both foul drainage and surface water systems below ground, including the constituent elements i.e. pipes, fittings and chambers.

Consideration is given to basic design using the discharge unit method, peak flow and self-cleansing velocity along with new details from Irish Water and reinforcing the relevant standards and requirements to ensure BCAR compliance. Solutions are provided for gravity sewer pipe, fittings and inspection chambers along Inspectable Geocellular soakaway / attenuation tanks.
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Sustainable Drainage Systems - SuDS

Ciria report C753 and the Greater Dublin Regional Strategic Drainage Study provide the basis of this presentation which looks at why we need to change our current approach to surface water drainage and considers:

• The Concept of SuDS
• Principals to be incorporated in a SuDS scheme
• Basic design parameters
• Tools of a SuDS train
• Adoption and maintenance considerations

Also solutions are presented for Inspectable Geocellular soak away / attenuation tanks, flow control, and permeable paving.
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Drainage Systems Above Ground
Part H Building Regulations 2010

This presentation covers the detail of Part H of the Building Regulations 2010 for both the foul drainage system above ground and surface water at roof level, including all the constituent elements i.e. Soil stack, branches, traps, gutters and down pipes. Solutions for noise reduction in the stack, ventilation of branches, and crossflow are provided along with a solution for space limitations in the service shaft.
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Book a CPD seminar and ask the experts

In any build, water is one of the essential elements that everybody has to contend with. Our project team are uniquely qualified to assist at every stage, from initial planning, regulation and compliance to on-site issue resolution, assured one-source supply and product certifications at handover.

Select below the courses you are interested in or leave a message for our CPD team to get all the advice and guidance on booking a course that you need.

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